Sunday, March 4, 2012


I wonder how many people were sitting in the pews this morning in so much pain they thought their rib cage would crack.

I wonder who was thinking about their lover, with their spouse sitting next to them. Children laid on the alter of their parents sins without knowing it.

Row after row
Family after family
pornography, addictions, anger, resentment, hatred, jealousy, fear, lies, numbing, hiding, bleeding.

I wonder how many were fighting the tears over loss. How many wept openly and weren't seen, touched, comforted and known? How many counting the hours until the next drink? How many silently raging? How many praying they covered their bruises, how many praying their smile would hide what no one can know?

How many, sitting there, standing there, sitting again, holding the cup, holding the bread, holding their breath as if their bodies would fall to pieces right there if they let just one agonized sigh pass their lips?

God we are broken. We are in pieces. Your bride, Your love, we are prostitutes, ashamed and hiding. Afraid, and addicted. We are orphans, rejected and starving. We are prodigals, confused and rebellious. We are gluttons feasting on the rot of our choosing instead of the manna you rain down soft, sure, and sweet. We are crippled, but know we were meant to run. We are dying, yet we are silent. Hear the prayers unuttered and frozen on the lips of your children.

 Redeemer God, forgive us.

Rescue us.

Come for us