Monday, January 23, 2012


letting tears fall
sitting in discomfort
aching, tense, aware
one deep pulling at another

coming back
and again
and again
until new faces
are familiar ones

walking away
not running
stepping back
not recoiling
but still loving

telling the truth
the stark, scary, 
unflattering truth
the moving, beautiful
redeeming truth

saying "I'm sorry"
"I was wrong"
"forgive me"
letting it sit, and breathe
even when you are still angry 
even when it's not returned

knowing it won't be the last time
hoping it will be less often

fearing without cowering
standing back up
when you do
opening hands
that have been fists

trembling in plain sight
and still speaking
my God, my God, my God

This is brave

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A start...

It seems like there are billions of other blogs that probably look so similar to this. I keep trying to think of an interesting way to start mine, to set it apart. And since there is nothing brilliant or inspiring coming to mind, I keep putting it off. So this is me, not putting it off anymore.


Lately the best way for me to through poetry. looking forward to some of that when I get brave enough to post it.

Right now, (of course) my 3 month old is getting annoyed that I'm not paying attention to him, and my 3 year old is running around without any underwear and I'm not sure why. So on that note, just keep coming back, next time maybe no one will be crying at me, or my family might stay clothed without needing my supervision. Probably not, but whatever is going on I will be writing about it, and usually it's amusing. Ok, I've put the baby off too long and he is giving me the lip! There is no denying the lip.